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Pre-Delivery Solutions have sourced the latest car care information from the United States and have developed a comprehensive training program for detailers. It emphasises key issues faced by dealerships and focuses on core operational improvements in regards to efficiency and customer satisfaction with the presentation of vehicles.

The training program is driven by the rise of softer clear-coat paint systems on modern vehicles. These systems are easily damaged, with micro-scratches occurring even during a simple wash procedure. Therefore your detailers must understand the importance of appropriate cleaning products and the techniques used to apply them. This forms the cornerstone of our training program, which has been responsible for developing PDS into Australia’s premier mobile grooming company.

Training can take place at your dealership or at our premises. It enables your detailers to achieve the best possible presentation of your vehicle stock, improving aesthetic value and subsequent appeal to customers. Each participant will receive full theory and practical training on today’s paint systems as well as a complete training manual.

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