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Health and Safety

Health and Safety is a major concern in any workplace. It is vitally important for any organisation using cleaning chemicals to ensure that a health and safety policy is strictly implemented and enforced. New legislation holds employers responsible for the provision of training to employees.

Pre-Delivery Solutions have developed policies and procedures to comply with current workplace health and safety rules and regulations, which have recently been revised. All detailers and staf will be fully briefed and trained on the correct use procedures, as well as steps to take in the unlikely event of a spill or accident.

PDS supply all Material Safety Data Sheets, product data bulletins and workplace health and safety training to ensure full awareness is addressed. Further to training, all products will be supplied as nonhazardous and environmentally friendly where possible.

PDS Health and Safety includes following:
  • Risk Assessment
  • Product Audit
  • MSDS copies
  • MSDS confirmation sheets filed
  • Training confirmation sheets

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